Dear New York

At the ripe age of 11, we began our love affair and like most love affairs, you gave me bliss and anguish. As soon as I was able, I came running to you. In the cusp of adulthood, I ran as fast I could to your arms. You rejected me. The rent was ludicrous. The people were cruel and callous. Despite this, I wanted you, but you made me work for your affection.

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Happy Pride Month!

PRIDE is here and oh boy, I'm excited! 

As I think back on my coming out process, the trials and tribulations I've had with the people I surrounded my self with (what was I thinking?), the relationships (good and bad) and my personal style, I can't help but breathe and say, "Did I do that?" It's been one heck of a journey but before I start talking like I'm 80 years old, let's kick it off with something fun but oh so so serious - hair. 

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Regrets Are Worse Than A Bad Hair Day

As I walked to my relatively new gig at Fox & Jane this past month in New York City and saw the constant transformations conducted by some of the most talented hair artists in the country, an idea dawned on me...BLONDE. 

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