Happy Pride Month!

PRIDE is here and oh boy, I'm excited! 

It's surreal to reminisce about my GAYYYYYY journey but during this time...I think it's important to celebrate (shots anyone?).

Joking aside, this month, I'll be reflecting about aspects of my life that have brought me here - in New York City...doing what I love.

As I think back on my coming out process, the trials and tribulations I've had with the people I surrounded my self with (what was I thinking?), the relationships (good and bad) and my personal style, I can't help but breathe and say, "Did I do that?" It's been one heck of a journey but before I start talking like I'm 80 years old, let's kick it off with something fun but oh so so serious - hair. 

I've always straddled the line of feminine and masculine interests, but for a majority of my life, I've been this long haired 5 foot Asian girl. To me, this femininity, allowed me to explore relatively masculine interests with sneakers or popping or video games (I KNOW this isn't ALWAYS the case, but as a teenager, it made sense). As I grew older and found people that loved who I was VERSUS what I looked like, it gave me the courage to think...maybe...just maybe I'm more than my hair? And boy, this realization has been transformative. 

Two years ago, I decided to take the leap. I cut more than 2 feet of my hair (check out the before picture below). I cried. It was scary.


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But, I did it. AND I grew to love it. 

One month ago - I decided to go blonde. It was ALSO scary. But, I did it. AND I love it. 

My personal style continues to evolve (yup, I still have bad hair days and at times, make horrible fashion mistakes) but I love the freedom that this new found courage affords me. Expression is hard but goodness, it makes me so PROUD. 

*Check out this quick video about my personal journey! 

Fox & Jane Talks Pride with Lexine! Happy Pride Month guys! To celebrate the LGBTQ community, we asked one of our clients, Lexine, to share her coming out story. We want to thank her for sitting down with us and opening up about her thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.